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January 7, 2008
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Felarya Legends: The Man from Nowere

Chapter 12

Hey... *puff* don't you... think *puff* we should... take a break already?"

"Not even kidding. We're on dangerous territory here. A single second draws the line between life and death in here"

I didn't understood why she was being so melodramatic. A simple "no" would've been more than enough.

So, there was I, a simple guy with a wacky dressing style (Wacky??? From were the heck did THAT came from???) on a foreign country, walking alongside a cute but somewhat bossy vampire chick, and a shy and freakish beautiful girl with a nice pair of schlongs (Ford's clip notes for people who don't know pop culture: schlongs = boobs) that was able to befriend with a giant and cruel man-eating, half-snake and half-human creature called Crisis, trough a VERY dangerous grass plain and towards some "ruins" were MAYBE there was some shelter from all the dangerous creatures that lurk this place.

All of them were man-eating too. And I'm a MAN (at least, last time I checked). Needless to say, that situation wasn't a very nice one.

Take in account though, that the impact of the whole situation was still VERY far from hitting me. I was THERE, with a VAMPIRE, a supposed none-existing creature which supposedly came out from the mind of a very awkward English man, and we were running away from GIANT, MAN-EATING creatures!!! Just how the heck does THAT made ANY sense at all??? I don't know you, but on school they NEVER teach me there were places on the world were people were hunted and eaten by giant and magical creatures!!! (Or maybe I was asleep when Mr. Rodriguez said it??? Oh, damn...)

Yeah, my philosophy is "Act first, ask later", but in this kind of EXTREMELLY awkward situations, one needs to ask sooner or later.

The whole set of thoughts and ideas were finally setting on my mind. I decided to finally ask some minor things "Aya... one think I've been wondering... are you a vampire like in the movies???"

Aya seemed surprised by this question, also, she didn't quite seem to get the question at all. "Like in the what???"

"Yeah... you know... like, are you allergic to sunshine???"

Yeah, I can ask some REALLY stupid stuff now and then too. Seing the effects of doubt here?

"Ford..." Aya points to the sky.

"Eh... ok, dumb question. But what about stuff like garlic???"

"Garlic??? Oh, I LOVE garlic!!!"

Ok, by that time, I noticed something about what I thought vampires were, and what Aya was, were two completely different things.

"You love... but isn't it supposed to harm you and, actually, repel you???"

She laughed hard at this one. "WHAT??? HAHAHAHA!!! WE'RE DID YOU GOT THAT ONE FROM??? Why... *gasp* why am I going to be so scared of a vegetable to begin *gasp* with???"

Yeah, I felt very stupid too. When you put it that way, it REALLY sounds like shit...

"What about crosses??? Or wooden stakes nailed to your hearth???"

"Wha... what's with you all of a sudden??? I enjoy watching crosses as much as everybody else (people enjoy watching those things?), and a stake in my hearth would hurt a lot, just like to everybody else, but so will a knife trough my eye or something. Do these "movies" really depict us that way???"

"Well... yeah. Sorry for asking such stupid things, but I had to knew"

Aya just looked at me with a puzzled face and we continued walking. I'm pretty sure Lea ignored the whole ordeal.

I think we had walked for 2 hours, maybe 2 hours and a half, and my legs already hurt plenty. Not only that, but I also had to practically DRAG that other girl (Lea) along all the whole time, and she being mute the whole way wasn't comfortable. I guess what I found even weirder was the fact that she didn't even TRIED to resist or ran away. She just kept walking and walking (well, while I pulled her from her arm, that is)

Aya??? She looked more energetic than when we left the forest, thing that made my mind ask itself more worthless questions. Funny thing is, she seemed to enjoy the whole walking thing... fuck, I'm even SURE she skipped n' giggled once or twice.

"Aya... how much *weeze* to those *pant* ruins???" yeah, being tired and all made my mouth dry, as my throat.

"Just a couple of hours Ford, be patient, alright???"

"Can't... *weeze* we at least rest for a little while??? My knees *pant* are about to collapse". Well, not really, but my knees were trembling and shaking, which wasn't a good sign at all.

"Sorry Ford, we can't. We're on dangerous territory, and if we... STOP!!!" she screamed that last bit, extending her arm and making the universal sign of "Stop moving, you idiot".

And, guess what I did??? I stopped (OHMIGOSH!!!) right there and didn't moved, stopping Lea too. "What??? What's wrong???"

"Ssssh!!! Don't talk, don't move, and try not to breath..." she said very quietly, in an almost un-heareable way. I, of course, kept quiet.

"What's going on???" I wondered.

I turned back to see Lea, and her face was as expression-less as always. Very annoying, to be honest.

The whole ambient turned very heavy and silent. Aside form the air and some leaves, NOTHING was moving nor making a sound. Aya was just there, as if she could she something we couldn't. Almost like a cat sniffing the terrain, she moved her head to various direction as if looking for something.

Then, she extended her arm and produced a blood blade. Wenever she did that, my stomach turned upside down, and my brain only commented "Yeah, it defies all logic, but so do giant half-snake and half-human creatures, right?"

"Can't argue with my brain" I guessed.

She suddenly walked forward in little steps, as if she had finally discovered what she was looking for. The air was still tense, and the silence was predominant. She kept walking forward, to the nothingness, until...


She swinged her blood-blade (and it doesn't matter how many times I see it, those blood powers always make me sick) in the air, so fast she almost CUT the air itself. A little red line formed trough the path of the blade.

I stood there, speechless of the whole thing. To be honest, I wasn't like that because I was surprised. I was like that because SHE SWUNG HER BLADE AND HIT NOTHING!!!

Or, at least, that was what I initially thought...

On there, on the empty, hollow air, a red line began to form were the blade crossed. That line became bigger and larger with every passing second.

Yeah, a floating line out in the nothingness is really disturbing, if you think about it...

The line grew and grew, until it was almost a meter long, but a red drop came out of it...


That wasn't just a simple red line...

"Oh, so THAT'S why we shouldn't move!!!"

It was a line made out of blood. There was BLOOD floating on the air. And we all know blood must come up from SOMETHING (although, that place defied all logic anyway...).

Something else formed in the air. Something... hard to describe, but it looked like a friggin' flying squid, it's squirmy tentacles just one inch away from me and Lea (Is it just me, or did I just began talking with just WAAY too many sexual innuendos here???). The red line??? In the middle of it. Then everything made sense: Aya had just cut the flying squid by half, it's blood still dripping to the ground bellow it, and the body still flying, almost like by pure instinct.

(... Also, I THINK I'm being too poetical... and I don't like that, DANG IT!!! I need a beer...)

"Twilizer" said Aya calmly "Can reproduce light to very high frequencies to the point normal and untrained eyes can't detect. They blend it with the normal light to achieve that invisibility: only fast moves brakes the cloaking"

Aya extended her arm once again, and let go of her sword. The second the blade touched the ground, it lost it's form and melted, the red liquid that formed it being absorbed by the earth almost instantly.

The flying squid just stood there, unable to move or to move it's GAY tentacles, the cut now getting bigger and more noticeable.


Then the body finally gave up to the gravity. Both halves fell to the ground and the squid died (EVEN more than before), without emitting a single sound.

Me??? I just stood there, my mouth wide open and full of cold sweat. Not very nice.

Aya turned back to see me, her face being the most serious one I've have seen coming from her, but it also had a certain amount of concern on it "Ford, we can't stop. Not until we reach the ruins. This things don't travel alone, and the others will come soon. If we don't continue moving, we will be eaten. Maybe not by this type of creatures, but by others too. We need to continue, NOW!!!"

I'm not an idiot, I'm sure by this time you have discovered that (at least, I HOPE).

So, my answer was more than obvious.


"I... *pant* DON'T THINK SO!!!!"

I got my fucking ass out of there, ipso facto (... damn Rayhearth and his stupid words...),

In other words, I started running straight for those ruins, Lea's feet practically loosing contact with the ground and just "floating" while I pulled her arm.

(I blame my complete disregard of safety to others to the TV)

"YOU'RE RUNNING TOO FAST!!!" Aya screamed

"YOU'RE RUNNING TOO SLOW!!!" I said back.

Yeah, I can be sarcastic even when I filled by fear. Go guess...

Remember when I told you we had walked like 2 hours and a half??? Well, the distance to the ruins was about 3 or 4 hours from the forest, so that means we were still an hour and a hlaf away from the ruins, right??? (I suck at math)

Well, I ended up running so fast, I almost made half-an-hour from were I was to those ruins.


"FORD, STOP!!! NOW!!!" Aya was still bugging me

"I DON'T THINK... huh???"


I stopped (barely) and saw something I just don't WANTED to see...

"No... it's not possible!!! NO WAY!!!"

Another forest was waiting for me. Big, green trees; bushes...

"Oh god..."

Aya finally managed to reach me. She was defiantly sweaty.

" *gasp* thank god you... stopped" Aya gasped, barely.

"Hey... what... what is the meaning of this???" I asked

"Don't worry, it's just a little forest. If we take one hour to walk it, it would be just too much. After we cross this thing, and a bridge, we will finally be at those ruins."

"But, those things..."

Aya came close to me and looked at me with very calm eyes "Don't worry, ok??? This forest isn't as dangerous as the other one. Just be calmed and follow me"

Yep. She started to remind me of a mother. "Weird..."

"By the way" she continued "You're squeezing that girl's arm too much"

I turned back. Aya was right. Although Lea wasn't talking all that much (actually, she wasn't talking at all), her hand was getting white. My grip was, pretty much, stopping most of the blood flow to her hand.


I softened the grip a little bit, and almost immediately her hand moved again.

"Sorry 'bout that girl. Really didn't noticed"


She didn't said a fucking word again. It was getting kinda heavy on my nerves. And this looks... It was like I was transparent or something.

"You could at last say thank you, kid "


Now I was getting pissed.

"It's not smart ignoring someone who can kill you in an instant without blinking, girl. I can ju.."

"Thank you." the girl interrupted.

"What ?"

Now the girl was smiling. Her eyes remained as cold as ice though. She repeated

"Thank you for your kindness."

"Uh.. I..." Dang, I think she was making fun of me. Good knockers and melodic voice aside, her act was just SO FUCKING ANNOYING...

Now, I was still annoyed and somewhat scared of this new forest, but she was right. All of the way, not a single "freak" appeared, and Aya leading the whole time made me feel safe. After all, I'm not the one who can produce swords and gizmos with my blood, right??? Anyway, this forest wasn't anywhere near big as the other one. If anything, I'm sure I saw some strange blue-ish guys with wings and crazy stuff happening (in that moment, Aya only said "Duck and follow me. If they see us, we're done for", yeah, like if anything here is "safe" anyway), but I can't be sure. I really felt all that weird when I looked at those "things", but I got a mild headache (this things are hard to digest...).

Some small rivers and shinny grass followed, and the whole thing looked amazing. Like the fake rivers at those Walt Disney parks, 'xcept this one are real.

Butterflies (GAY!!!), bird's singing, crystal-clear water... you get the drift...

Plus, it was night already, so the whole thing looked even MORE awesome...

And since when I start caring about all that stuff??? Beats me.

After 30 minutes or so, we crossed that thing. After it, there was this STUPIDLY LONG and flimsy-looking bridge almost 3 kilometers above a very brave and untamed river. It's current was just otherworldly...

After the bridge lied the ruins. Finally, a "somewhat safe" place...

"Be careful in here" Aya said "If any of you fall, you won't make it. this river is just too deep, and it's strength is deadly. It will pull you downwards and swallow you."

"Hear that, little girl???" I said with a grin "You better not fall, right???" but she didn't answered, and just looked at me with ice-filled eyes...

"Well, she would be a perfect mime, that's for sure" I thought to myself.

We crossed the river without any real problems, really. The bridge's wooden planks made plenty of creaking noises as we stepped into each of them (although Aya was cheating: I'm sure she was floating most of the time), and Lea tried to squeeze her arm out of my grip once or twice (no big deal. She had no real strength), but nothing happened.

Finally, after that bridge, the city ruins...

I was not amazed be the looks of it, but surprised I was (YODA talk. HELL YEAH!!!). "This place..." said Aya "It is a reminder of how big the human's ego can get"

"Huh??? What do you mean by that???" I asked with a puzzled face. After all, I'm human... or at least, I THINK...

"Humans... tried to settle in here shortly after discovering this place. They set this huge (not really) rock buildings and thought they will be able to hunt, gather food, and live with ease. After the month, there was not a single human left alive. All of them were eaten, or died out of pure, raw terror"

Shit... that place was just like that "Dead Spot"... full of death and despair... not that I can really tell, to be honest.

"You mean, ALL of them were eaten??? Nobody died of wounds or something???"

Aya shook her head "Voracious predators don't take prisoners, even if wounded. All of them go to their stomachs, and there they die"

"God dang..."

These city had it all, really: A library (it's books now unreadable), plenty of houses, a city council... everything. Although most of the building were mere shadows of their former selves, there was one which was still like new: the prison.

A funny thing in this city was that I noticed that some walls had some of weird "creature" drew on them: It looked a FUCKING LOT like the Predator from the Schwarzeneger movie... which, of course, made me very, VERY scared...

"We need to catch our breaths. Since creatures don't get here all that often, don't you think it would be a good idea to get a rest, at least for a little while?" Aya asked.

"Let's go to the prison" I thought Aya was not going to understand why would I want to go there, when they were plenty of "abandoned" houses nearby, but she didn't even asked.

We entered the building and closed the door behind us (amazing it's door was still strong). No big deal. Just one floor (although with the height of two) all rocky and gray, and two cells couple of meters in front in front of it's main door. Although it was quite old, it's heavy door, the barricaded windows (maybe the last battle happened here), and it's cells were still quite intact and pretty usable too. The sad thing was that there weren't any guns or weapons on it. One would expect that, this being a prison, a stash of "something" might be still around.

But, then again, this place is crazy, and it's quite stupid to think it would behave a normal prison would.

"You, come here" I said to Lea, leading her to a cell.

Since it wasn't closed, I just threw her inside and...


Closed it. Problem was, I didn't had any keys.

"Aya, can you lock this thing with your magic and stuff???" I asked

"I think so... mmmh... let me give it a try..."

She went close the cell door's locking mechanism and got her hands close to it. Red sparkles appeared out of nowhere and, all of a sudden, the thing melted and solidified in an unformed mass, a red color being obviously present in the thing.

"She won't be able to get out, even if she wants to. When we leave this place for good, I'll open the lock myself"

It sounded good to me, so I didn't argued.

Now, something funny. A place like this should have chairs, or somethin', right??? I mean, at least the cells should have one bed AND a toilet, right???

COMPLETELY AND UTTER wrong, my friends. There wasn't a SINGLE thing in there were to sit. Not even desks or something. Just 100% pure FUCKING FLOOR, and that was IT.

"So much for comfort..." I thought.

We sat on the floor, Aya and I, with our backs on the walls in front of the cells. There was plenty of wood (and dust) inside the prison, and since it was already getting pitch-dark inside (all light we had wad the one from the moon and the stars that came trough the windows... but since the windows were barricaded...), I collected some wood and Aya started a little fire.

I can't be sure, but I do remember Lea being a little bit afraid of the dark... or maybe it was just me??? Like I told you, can't be sure.

Just like the other night, it was freezing. But Aya was no longer "shy" and... I, well... you know me better.

Almost immediately after we sat, Aya got close to me and decided to use my shoulder as pillow. Her big, pink, and fluffy hair felt great, to be honest, even if it sortta invaded half of my face AND my eyesight. So, obviously, I didn't complained. Plus, the whole thing smelled SO FRIGGIN' sweet, I almost bitted it (yeah, I'm THAT gone). How the heck could something smell so good after all it has gone trough, I didn't knew (and don't know, BTW).

We stood like there for countless minutes. Just staring at the windows, watching the stars (at least, the ones we could)... enjoying the little heat from the fire... just, finally, a brief moment of peace after being on the run for so much time...

But, I had one doubt."Aya, I have been thinking... just how on the world you know the geography of this place anyway??? I mean, this place has completely lethal things almost in every corner, and yet, you know how to avoid them and... - --"

But Aya answered before I could finish. Don't blame her, her answer was the one I was looking for "My father and my mother... they were great warriors and hunters, both of them. This land -Felarya- , is known for having some of the best treasures and hidden relics hidden on it's soil, specially in the forest were Crisis inhabits"

"Yeah, I don't care how many treasures that place has, I'm NOT returning" I thought.

Aya continued her monologue "My father and my mother both used to travel here a lot, and they actually succeeded in making various maps of the zone and knowing most of the save routes. There was a point when they even dared bringing my older sister and me with them. They had lots of fights with beasts and all, and actually befriended several creatures. Believe it or not, they also got quite good with nagas..."

"Nagas???" I asked, puzzled

"Crisis' race... and even Crisis herself"

"OH SNAP!!!" I thought. I swear my brain just did a very loud "CLICK" at that moment.

"Wait, waitwaitwait, what the hell do you mean by that??? If that's true, then why the fuck did she attacked you and - --"

INTERRUPTED ONCE AGAIN!!! "The curse, Ford. Remember the curse. After my father's opposition to some new and democratic laws, a rebel party quickly formed and tried to overthrown him. They made several lame attempts, but my father always survived. Until that day..."

"Huh???" tears started to appear on Aya's face now. She wasn't "crying" as it, but she was in pain nonetheless. I extended my arm and hold her closer to me.

As an added bonus, I was able to touch and caress her hair... "so friggin' soft". After some mili-seconds of stupidity, I said "Look, you don't want to continue if you don't want to, ok??? I know it hurts you a lot when you talk about your family, so stop if you want"

I really wanted her to continue, but... well, I'm just and asshole.

"No, it's no problem. Sooner or later I have to do it anyway" she said, getting the tears off her face "My mother and my father... I don't know exactly how, but they got kidnapped, removed of all of their blood, and then, that curse... Crisis, one of the most dangerous Nagas on Felarya, was going to be forever attracted to our flesh and blood. For her, my family and me are the most delicious snacks she can eat, no matter what else you put in front of her. I guess, after doing that, it was obvious my mom and dad were going to be left in the middle of that forest to be eaten... didn't took Crisis more than a day. They couldn't... even defend themselves... but I'm sure my dad fought until the very end to protect my mother..."

I kept quiet for a short while. Aya was passing though a lot of dangerous and really hard stuff and I...

"But, then why were you and your sister here???"

Oh, why do I even bother...

"The liberal party captured us shortly after they had my parents. The same treatment, almost the same result. But my sister sacrificed herself to give me some time... and then, you appeared and... well, you know the rest of the story..."

"Look, let's change subject, alright??? I know it hurts you when you talk about that. Let's see... oh, I know. What are we going to do with that???" I say, as I pointed to Lea with my hand.

"What do you mean???" Aya didn't quite catched my drift

"Well, after we get out of this place, we just can't keep dragging her along with us. She will become a burden in the end"

"We can just leave her here. After all, if she knew how come here, she must surely know how to get out"

"About that... look, shouldn't it be just more simple if we get rid of her after we reach our goal anyway???"

Aya finally got my drift, but just shook her head "We can't kill her. And, whenever you like it or not, we must not. She's not guilty of Crisis' sins, and she hasn't done any of them anyway. She's innocent, Ford. We can't harm her more than we already did"

"Aya, she's Crisis' friend. Without a doubt, she will double-cross us, and if that happens, we - --"

Aya suddenly gave me an angry look. Nothing too scary, but it wasn't good either "Ford, I won't argue about that. We won't "get rid" of her, we'll just leave her here. That's the fair thing to do"

Yeah, and the stupidest thing to do too. But I couldn't do a thing without risking my health. So I had to just "go along" with her.

"Ok... you win. We'll just leave here..."

"After that, Aya, still to my side, with all her hair in my face, and now sortta' holding me closer to her with one of her arms, suddenly said something that scared the shit out of me" Ford, why do you stare at Lea so much?"

"I do WHAT???" I just couldn't believe. And I'm sure neither do you, but yes: Aya was asking me why I stared so much at the most annoying, cold, and reserved girlI had ever met. "I DON'T do such a thing!!!"

"Ford, don't lie" Back then, I was as confused as you guys. Really "I could see you... most of the time you were turning your head back, watching at that girl, instead of looking in front of you and... well... look at something else..."

Sounded like somebody was jealous.

"Aya, look, I'm sure I wasn’t seeing her all that much, and I don't like her anyway, so why the heck would I look at her???"

"Maybe because she has big breasts???"

She was good... really good. She had only known me for, what??? 3 days, tops??? And she already knew my "thing". Go guess...

"Wha... why would - --" maybe I talked in a very stupid and scared tone or something, because she interrupted me again "AHA!!! I KNEW IT!!!"

"WAIT!!! Aya, I don't - --"

"So, all this time, you thought my breasts were smaller... I should have known" and after saying this, she took her hands to her breasts and gropped them, as if trying to squeeze them out of her shirt

Yeah, just too surreal. I know.


That must be the loudest lie I have ever screamed. Although, there was that other time when...

"Don't lie to me" she said, gropping her boobs a little bit more. "You like big chested girls, and I..."

Ok, now I was sure talking wasn't going to do a thing, although I was appreciating the whole boob thing. "Time to use some common sense..."

"Look, her breasts aren't even that big, you know??? Yours and hers are almost the same si - --"

Aya's expression didn't changed "Shit... time to out corny"

"Look, just shush, and come here" I said

Yep. Her confused expression said it all.

What did I do??? I grabbed her, raised her a little bit, and made her sit on my lap. She ended up facing to me right, but it didn't mattered, as she immediately turned to face me.

I hugged her lightly, got her close to me, and lightly told her "Look, do you really think I could care any less about her, or her breasts? She isn't here right now, as you are. And I hate her greatly, something that really shows, don't ya' think?"


"No butts. I don't care how big or small are her breasts or yours" Well, I loved boobs, to be honest, but I couldn't tell her THAT. "I care for the person (HAHAHAHA!!!), and not the size of her chest. Plus, that "you kept turning back to see her" thing... well, I WAS... but I was back to the FOREST, not her. Alright?"

She didn't said anything, but after a couple of seconds, she finally smiled a little bit. I THOUGHT I had won, but I wasn't sure.

"Look, I already pointed out that I told you I wanted to get "rid of her". If I cared so much about her boobs, don't ya' think I WOULDN'T had suggested that???"

Pretty darn obvious, if you ask me.

"Alright... I... I believe you" she said, with the good ol' cute voice I knew.

"Plus" I said "Do you want me to tell you a little secret?"

As any little girl, she just stared at me with a big curious look "What is it???"

I got as close as I could to her ear and said in a faint whisper "You have a great ass"

"OH, GOD!!!" she screamed "YOU PIG!!!" and proceeded to give me a light hit on my chest. However, now there was a big smile on her face, so I guess I won't complain.

Now, about this whole boob-debacle, Lea and Aya... well, I dunno. Aya was definitely something, that's for sure. She was beautiful (and pretty fuckin' deadly too), had a pretty hair-cut (what??? I care about hair too, ya' know?), lovely eyes, and pretty damn decent boobs and ass. Nothing all that extraordinary, but they were VERY FUCKING GOOD things, nonetheless.

But Lea... oh god... if it wasn't by the fact that the fraggin' girl just COMPLETELLY annoys me and drives me nuts, I would had fallen for her the SECOND I saw her. Why??? Pretty simple: She was just GEORGEOUS. Hell, she makes Beyonce Knowles look butt-ugly. Her melodic voice, her descent bust (bigger than Aya's, but still not "bouncy" enough), her face... shit... she had the whole DAMN package. And did I mentioned she had some GREAT pair of shlongs??? I did. Well, I like repeating things. Don't argue.

All and all, however, I noticed a strange shine in Aya's eyes. And then it hit me: she wasn't being serious about this, she was just trying to get some steam off the whole ordeal.

"Damnit man, why the hell you don't commit already!!!"


Does arguing with my brain makes me look insane??? I lost track of all reality here, folks.

"But, do you like... well, you know... big breasts???" Aya asked again.

"Ehem... well... I mean, they're a... "great" bonus, but..." yep, stuttering sucks.

"Okay, I see" Aya said with a weird but cute smile. Finally, she hugged me back and, using my chest as a pillow, she got comfortable and got ready to sleep.

And both my lap and I were happy. "If only there was a bed..." I thought with some sadness.

Aya yawned and closed her eyes.

"Finally... a good night sleep is all I need to..." I thought

But Aya cuts my slumber in half.

"This whole nightmare has been full of surprises... all the events, all the fights and the escapes... but you..."

Add a very "Que carajo???" look on my face

"Ford... you're... you're the biggest surprises of them all..."


Want me to be honest here??? THAT was the most PAINFUL second I've ever felt in my whole life. Even the subtle cracks on the burning wood seemed to mock my "bastardility"...

"Stupid wood..." I thought

"What... what do you mean by that???"

Suddenly, she went out of my grasp and seated in front of me, looking at me with a curious face. Her face was almost 5 or 6 centimeters away from mine, which was kindda odd, and her big, purple eyes seemed to be digging into my soul...

"Exactly WHO or WHAT are you???" she asked.

"Huh??? you know who I - --"

"No, I don't meant that" she's interrupting me plenty tonight. "Ford... I barely know something about you. Actually... besides your name, I don't know ANYTHING about you... how old are you, why you're here... your family..."

"CRINGE!!!!" I thought.

"... Y... yeah... odd, isn't it???" I said, desperately trying to change the subject.

And guess what??? Like most of the things I try to do, it didn't worked.

"Ford, tell me something about you"

"SHIT!!!" I thought

"Something... about me??? But, what could I tell you to be worth listening anyway??? Eh... I don't have an interesting life or... aah"

With how close she was, I was sure noticed I was sweating heavily...

"Please. I have told you everything I could. I lied... yeah, but I told you the truth later nonetheless, so please... I want... I NEED to know something about you..."

"Like... like what???" I asked, moving my head a little bit to the back as Aya got closer and closer

"Something... anything... like, were you came from???"

"Mexico, thank you very much. A normal place were normal folk walk around and do human stuff that involves either food, sex, or money. Is that simple"

"And... what do you do over there???"

"I... I don't like talking about that, Aya" at that point, the back of my head was already touching the wall behind me.

"Well, what about your family, then???" She continued asking.

That subject, for me, it's highly classified "Sorry, I ain't talking about that either."

She got a little bit angry "What about your past, then???"

"No Aya. I don't talk about with anybody. I'm sorry"

Although I knew Aya was somewhat angry, for some odd reason she just stepped away and seated in a couple of meters in front of me, just staring at me with a smile on her face.

"Alright, I see it now." she said, not erasing that strange smile from her face "No problem Ford, don't worry"

"*Sigh*, well, that was easy..." I thought, but then...

"By the way, I think I'm a little bit hungry..." Aya said that, shortly followed by a low stomach grumble. "Mmmh... do you have any idea of what could I eat right now?"

"Not the sightless one. You just drank a bucketfull of blood a couple of hours ago. I thought that was more then enough to keep your hunger in control" I said.

I think I raised an eyebrow, but I'm not sure.

"Don't be silly!" and then she giggled. Something was not right, but I couldn't put my finger on it just yet. "Remember I told you I loved onions!!! I need to eat food too, you know??? And, now that I think about it..."

Her eyes glowed and changed to a cat-like form, just like in Crisis' stomach. Something was just terribly wrong.

"... You look quite... healthy..."


Her eyes emitted a very bright flash and, by the time my eyes returned to normal, she was no longer there.

And it took me a while to notice, but not only she wasn't there, but... everything FUCKING else was gone too. The floor, the walls, the roof, the cell and (thankfully) Lea... I mean, EVERYTHING was gone.

I was in a pitch dark room with nothing as a reference, just pure obscurity, as if surrounded by impending and total darkness.

Everywhere I turned, everywhere I tried to move to: nothing but darkness with more darkness with a little touch of darkness with darkness.

So, just in case you didn't got the point: IT WAS VERY FUCKIN' DARK!!!





All that sound was coming from behind of me, so I turned around.

"This... this must be some kind of fucking joke..."

To my VERY OBVIOUS surprise, what I saw behind me was Aya. Very simple and unsurprising, right??? Well, last time I checked, Aya's height was about 1.70 m or something around that. This time???

Well, all I'm going to tell you is this: I'm sure her foot was bigger than me. "The Attack of the 50-feet Aya"??? You got it.

(Ford's clip notes for people who doesn't know pop culture: Attack of the 50-foot woman = The only "cult" movie I have yet to see, but it deals with a giant woman with giant tits. 'Nuff said.)

"HOLLYMOTHEROFJESUS!!!" I screamed after seeing Aya's huge figure.

She just stared at me with her now GIGANTIC purple eyes and giggled. Shortly afterwards, she got her face (thanks to her new size, I now could almost see her fucking skin's pores and veins, damnit!) close to mine without ducking, and with a very sinister smile, she said "You look quite healthy... and yummy too!!!"

And after that, just when I tried to run away from her...


I crashed full-head-on against something. Yeah, her fucking palm. By the time I was trying to stand up, it was too late: Se had already grabbed me by my shirt, and raising me in the act.

"Tee-hee!!!" she kept giggling.

She raised herself and me, but I ended well above her head, just stupidly kicking, hitting, and yelling stupid gibberish.

"Now, time to eat ya', sweetie" and with that last cute sentence, I was pretty much done for.


She opened her huge mouth and reveled the reddish-pink void were I was going to land. Along with that, a big and salivating pink tongue got out from her mouth and started to move and tangle, as if it was tasting me already.

"Wait Aya, WAIT!!!"

Why did I even bothered anyway???

"AAAAAHHHH!!!!!" she could already taste me for sure

"DANG IT!!!!"

One last, long fall. "NOW, IF I CAN ONLY - --!!!"

Last thing I saw in Aya was her face. A big, giant smile in her mouth... her expression, full of pleassure.

Nothing worked. As soon as I landed, I slowly slipped trough her wet tongue while I heard how her pulsating throat opened, faint gurgling sounds coming out of it, like if the stomach was just "starving" for me.

I tried grabbing from all I could. I really tried. Teeth, tongue itself (very stupid), even some inner tissue. But nothing worked.

Everything was so gooey, sticky, wet, and slippery I was almost just "passing trough" without any real kind of battle, even if I was kicking and all the usual stuff.

My body completely saliva covered, and I almost at the end of my travel, all I could do push my hand as far as I could as I tried to hold for something, but to no avail.

My legs touched Aya's throat.

And, in an instant, I was quickly descending (almost like a fall, but far more frustrating) trough a reddish (all I could see was FUCKING RED everywhere, dammit!!!) and pulsating tube, each passing second more engulfed and surrounded by it's tissues and muscles, I just couldn't believe I was still able to breath.

What Crisis did was repeating itself again: I was just eaten. Only that this time, I was on my way to the very stomach of the girl I SAVED.

I descended and descended and descended, just not stopping... kicking and punching, punching and screaming. I just couldn't do a single thing...

"Let me out" I kept screaming...

"Let... me... out..."

And in the end of the throat... darkness awaited.

Wet, gurgling, and deadly darkness...



It took me a while...

"Uuuu.... uu... uuuuAAAAGHHHH!!!!!"

But I finally managed to woke up.

My body covered in sweat (normally I would be like that after dreaming with Ulala, but not after THIS), and my heartbeat running as fast as the friggin' roadrunner, I could barely keep myself calm.

A nightmare. That discussion about my past never happened, as both Aya and I went to sleep almost immediately after that stupid breast argument...

In other words: That hideous thing was only a BIG SHITTING NIGHTMARE!!!

It took me some time to calm myself. I got one hand in my chest were my hearth was beating, and the other holding Aya closest to me as possible.

I just couldn't believe the whole scenario. This little, fragile (well, taking in account she could kick me' butt (ARGH! PIRATES!!!)... I would say "not that fragile"), cute, and beautiful girl seating in my lap and sleeping suddenly growing to a mammoth size and eating me...

"I... I'm going fucking CRAZY in this stupid place..."

After a couple of seconds, I was finally able to calm down. Having another person with you helps you a lot in this type of cases. Hearing Aya's little snores and counting them (weird hobby? Yes) helped me focus on something else for a while.

After the situation got peaceful, I got myself in a better position (hey, my back hurt, so give me a break), lifted Aya and put her on my side (I couldn't feel my lap anymore), and tried to get myself some descent sleep, although, for some reason, I felt there was something missing...

"Nah... might be just imagination"

But I was having a hard time sleeping. I just couldn't. Simple as that. Nightmare, the whole thing with Crisis, remembering Aya's bloody stuff, and other things I had on my subconscious... you know.

"Wait, I have an idea. I'm sure Lea's boobs will help me get into a nice mood... hehehe"

I stood up and walked towards Lea's cell... and what an awful surprise it was.

"Oh shit"

Lea was gone. COMPLETELLY GONE. Somehow, she had managed to open the cell's door and she wasn't in it anymore.

I turned to all directions and checked everywhere possible (that little fire we made came in handy), but she just wasn't there. She had escaped the prison.

"Little... annoying... BITCH!!!" I thought to myself.

We had to recover her, and there as no other way around. As soon as Lea returned to Crisis' side, they would come back and eat our collective asses, or maybe they would boil us, mash us, and stick us in an stupid stew or something.

Without her, we were doomed for sure.

"Aya" I said as I shook her "Aya, wake up, Lea's gone!"

But no answer. I tried several times, each time a little bit stronger and louder, but nothing. She was in such a heavy sleep... maybe a think of these kind of vampires??? I didn't knew.

"Aww shit... it is all up to me now"

I swallowed hard. All the sweat I already had with myself after the nightmare just grew, and my mind became full of doubts and fears, remembering the things that the crude night brought along with them...

"There is no other way around" I said to myself.

I got close to the jail's door and opened it. I got my butt outside and closed the door behind me.

There is no way back.

Felarya Legends: The Man from Nowere, Chapter 12

Hope you enjoy it.

El Cernex
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